The rapid technological advancement and the increasing demand for specialized skills in the industrial sector have driven the company to embark on a professional development journey in the field of industrial automation.

Through collaboration with experienced and reliable technicians in the industry, MPS Engineering was founded by Massimo Pannullo.

The company’s primary objective is to acquire the skills and capabilities necessary to excel in the field of industrial automation. Over the years, we have established successful partnerships with renowned national manufacturers, earning recognition for the MPS Engineering brand in important industrial facilities.

This has led to the formation of a highly specialized design and development team capable of supporting our continuous implementation of technologically advanced solutions.

Our passion for technological innovation and economic optimization drives us to design and deliver cutting-edge solutions for industrial automation and plant engineering.


ince 2015, MPS Engineering has expanded its scope to include the turnkey supply of high-tech mechanical systems, such as air suction, conditioning and filtration systems, technical networks, surface treatment of metals, and alternative energy production systems.

Today, the company operates throughout the national territory and has gained experience abroad as well. It currently has a facility of approximately 2000m2, with 200m2 dedicated to offices, 1000m2 as a workshop, and 800m2 reserved for parking and goods loading/unloading areas. The company’s staff includes about 40 employees and collaborators.


MPS Engineering stands out for the numerous activities it carries out, all focused on automation and industrial plants. These sectors represent our history and primary area of expertise, but we don’t stop there. We show a particular interest in new technologies and related skills, in line with market evolution and our clients’ needs.

Our vision embraces the goal of achieving ever-higher energy efficiency, combining technologically advanced solutions with a sustainable approach. We are committed to providing our clients with the necessary skills to adopt efficient energy practices, reducing consumption, and optimizing the use of available resources.