Electrical Division

Cutting-edge industrial automation

MPS Engineering’s electrical division stands out for its specialization in supplying and installing a wide range of electrical solutions for various applications.

Our expertise ranges from supplying MV/LV transformation substations with advanced lighting, fire detection, and energy monitoring systems, to designing medium and low voltage switchboards, power factor correction units, and rescue switches. We provide containerized solutions for naval and land applications, with specific shore connection switchboards for the shipbuilding industry. We manage on-board electrical systems and create electrical lines for the naval and aerospace sectors, in addition to offering industrial automation solutions and home automation systems. Our experience allows us to provide comprehensive services for industrial and civil applications, including support for ATEX installations.

The main activities of MPS Engineering’s electrical division include the equipment supply and installation for:

Lighting systems, fire detection systems, ventilation systems, energy parameter monitoring and remote control, medium voltage switchgear, low voltage switchgear, power factor correction units, emergency power supplies, etc.

In the naval construction field

In the industrial and civil sector

Control and supervision of industrial plants and production lines

Process and production plants, including ATEX zones

In the shipbuilding and aerospace sectors

In the industrial and civil sectors

In the industrial and civil sector

Furthermore, among the areas of expertise of MPS Engineering’s electrical division, there are the refitting of process and production plants, as well as the refitting of port cranes (including large-scale ones).

Low voltage panel for water central supply
ATEX lighting system
Temporary electrical cabin
Containerized electrical cabins

Recently, MPS Engineering, through collaboration with other company divisions, has made a powerful entry into the Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGV) supply market in the naval and aeronautical sectors. Thanks to its R&D (Research and Development) division, MPS Engineering has acquired the required know-how for designing, sizing, and constructing autonomous guided vehicles with a load capacity of over 100 tons.

Electrical Cabin Setup
Automation and Supervision