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    Manually Operated Vehicles (MGVs)

    Automazione Intelligente per una Logistica Ottimizzata

    MGVs (Manually Guided Vehicles), i.e. manually driven vehicles, are designed to operate autonomously within specific environments, following predefined routes or receiving instructions from the operator.

    MGVs are equipped with advanced navigation technologies, such as sensors and automated guidance systems, which allow them to move safely and precisely along their routes. They are able to detect and avoid obstacles, ensuring greater safety during the transport of materials and goods.

    Flexibility is one of the strengths of MGVs, as they can be adapted to different tasks and working environments. They can be used to transport materials within warehouses and industrial plants, as well as for logistics operations in complex environments such as airports, hospitals and distribution centers.

    Thanks to their autonomy and ability to move independently, MGVs can help optimize handling and logistics operations, improving efficiency and reducing operating costs. Their integration with management and monitoring systems allows you to track and manage activities in real time, improving visibility and control of the process.

    Furthermore, MGVs are designed to ensure greater reliability and durability over time, minimizing maintenance downtime and allowing continuous use in daily operations.

    Mechanical drive

    MPS Engineering’s automatic vehicles are equipped with mechanical drive, are designed to operate on asphalt surfaces and offer a high load capacity.

    Thanks to the automatic movement management system, our models allow precise and coordinated control during transport operations, optimizing efficiency and overall productivity. Furthermore, the use of high-capacity lithium battery packs ensures extended autonomy and rapid charging times, reducing downtime.

    The combination of these features makes our series the ideal choice for companies that need to transport and move large objects efficiently and safely.


    Manually Operated Vehicles (MGVs)