Our work team

MPS Engineering operates throughout the national territory, but also boasts experiences abroad. Currently, it has two facilities, one dedicated to the electrical, electronic, and software section, covering 5000 sqm, including 1000 sqm of offices, 2000 sqm for production, and 2000 sqm of outdoor space. The second facility, focusing on the mechanical sphere, is under construction and spans 8000 sqm, with 4000 sqm of covered area (including 2000 sqm of offices) and 4000 sqm of open space. The company has a staff of 40 people, including employees and collaborators.

Quality Products and Services

The company is able to provide complete solutions, starting from an analysis of technical specifications, continuing through the design phase, and up to testing.

Experienced and talented staff

An interdisciplinary team of engineers, senior programmers, electrical technicians, and specialized workers in the field creates a perfect blend of expertise.

24/7 technical support and rapid intervention

Telematic and on-site technical support, along with rapid intervention, are the strengths of our after-sales service. Spare parts are readily available at our company warehouses.

Our Numbers

Over 10 years of experience in the industry sector


Progetti completati negli ultimi 5 anni


Membri del Team Con Grande Esperienza


Clienti in Tutto il Mondo In 10 Anni