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    Automatic warehouse

    The automatic Pallet Shuttle system represents an effective integration of automated systems into high-density storage warehouse processes.

    This solution offers companies the opportunity to differentiate their product and service offerings by reducing costs and optimizing supply chain performance. In this solution, traditional forklifts are replaced by stacker cranes or shuttles that transport the Pallet Shuttle and the load on a pallet. The Pallet Shuttle is then inserted into the storage channels and placed in the deepest bay, following the instructions of the warehouse management software.

    The automatic Pallet Shuttle combines the efficiency of high-density storage systems with automation, allowing for optimal space utilization and reduced operating times.


    • Space optimization in high-density storage systems, with channels up to 40 meters deep and shelving over 40 meters high.
    • Fast movement of the Pallet Shuttle to reduce goods entry and dispatch times
    • High number of cycles per hour compared to other storage systems
    • “Goods-to-man” concept that automatically moves the load to the picking station
    • Pallet Shuttle supercapacitors recharge automatically during transport, ensuring continuous readiness
    • Reduction in handling, warehouse, personnel, and energy costs
    • Adaptability to various plant configurations based on specific needs
    • High safety standards for operators, loads, and installations