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    Intensive storage system Semi-automatic

    Maxraptor is a semi-automatic intensive storage system that moves on rails within storage racks to deposit and retrieve pallets. The process is managed by an operator who inserts Maxraptor into the sliding guides of the rack aisle, and with a lifting system, the system moves safely and precisely (Drive In).

    The range includes 9 models with 3 possible configurations:

    • For controlled environments -30/-1°C
    • With 4-wheel drive
    • With INOX frame for special environments

    Maxraptor consists of a painted iron structure and a mechanical system designed and built by MPS Engineering. Movement is powered by two Brushless gearmotors, which, unlike the DC motors with brushes normally used on Shuttles, provide better torque/power responses and reliability over time. The control/safety management of Maxraptor is entrusted to a latest-generation CNC; the system is powered by a 48V Lithium Ion battery that can be charged online or offline using an MPS Engineering charging system. Activation and operation control is managed by a WI-FI system (provided as standard), controlled by a Maxmanager-Rap application installed on a tablet (also provided as standard).

    Thanks to its rail-guided system, Maxraptor can move smoothly and precisely within storage racks, easily reaching desired positions to deposit or retrieve pallets.

    The lifting and moving operations of Maxraptor are entrusted to an advanced lifting system and Brushless gear motors. This technology ensures optimal torque and power response, ensuring reliable performance over time.

    To ensure maximum safety in the workplace, the control and management of Maxraptor’s operations are entrusted to a latest-generation Computer Numerical Control (CNC). This system ensures precise control and constant supervision of operations, minimizing the risk of accidents.

    Maxraptor is powered by a high-capacity lithium battery with a voltage of 48V. This solution offers clean and reliable energy, allowing the system to operate continuously and without interruptions. The battery can also be recharged both online and offline through an integrated charging system provided by MPS Engineering.

    Activation and control of operations are performed through an integrated WI-FI system, which allows connection to a tablet equipped with the Maxmanager-Rap application. This intuitive management system allows operators to monitor and control Maxraptor’s operations simply and effectively, improving productivity and safety in the workplace.

    Maxraptor optimizes vertical warehouse space, reducing operational time and storage errors. With an advanced system and integrated software, it provides precise and smooth material control, ensuring efficiency and reliability.

    • WAREHOUSE SPACE OPTIMIZATION By utilizing the maximum height available in selected environments and significantly reducing floor space, storage channels exceeding 60m can be achieved. The free space between levels is minimal, increasing storage capacity.
    • TIME REDUCTION Operating autonomously and at high speed, the forklift operates externally to the Drive-In without entering the shelving, drastically reducing time.
    • ERROR REDUCTION There is a significant reduction in errors in various stages of storage and retrieval due to the management of WMS Maxmanager-Rap-Premium software.
    • CONTROL OF STORED MATERIAL With traceability of inbound and outbound goods flows and available stock, thanks to the management of WMS Maxmanager-Rap-Premium software.
    • CONNECTION OF THE WAREHOUSE TO THE COMPANY’S ERP By interfacing it with various management programs in use, achieving an implementation of material and connected flow management.
    • WAREHOUSE MODULARITY By modifying its structure in height, even at a later time.
    • MOVEMENT CONTROL SYSTEM Controlled by drives that verify acceleration and positioning, avoiding damage to goods and preserving mechanics.
    • LIFTING SYSTEM The mechanical lifting system designed by MPS Engineering ensures that the load is evenly distributed on the 4 corners of the pallet with perfect load stability, facilitating loading/unloading activities.
    • SUPPORT AND MAINTENANCE MPS Engineering shuttles are equipped with software that cyclically verifies the machine’s status, communicating it to the operator who can intervene promptly to avoid production downtime. If the system is connected to a company WI-FI, the MPS Engineering assistance and control center can diagnose remotely and intervene in case of anomalies.
    • HUMAN-MACHINE INTERFACE SYSTEM Implemented using a Tablet connected via WI-FI, facilitating the operator in all loading/unloading activities.
    • REMOTE MAINTENANCE AND/OR REMOTE DIAGNOSTICS AND/OR REMOTE CONTROL SYSTEM Through a network connection, MPS Engineering will control all machine parameters to ensure continuous operation without production stops.
    • LIFO AND FIFO CONTROL SYSTEM Operating with Last In, First Out (LIFO) or First In, First Out (FIFO) location strategies.
    • SAFETY SYSTEM Entrusted to a Safety CPU integrated into the CNC, cyclically verifying and controlling the status of the machine’s safety features (2 emergency buttons and 2 contact-sensitive edges), complying with current regulations.
    Drive-In warehouse depth≥ 60m
    Type of movable palletEuro Pallet (1200×800 mm)
    Maximum overload width1200mm
    Maximum overload depth800mm
    Load capacity1600 kg
    Length840 mm
    Width940 mm
    Depth173 mm
    Lifting stroke43 mm
    Machine weight210 kg
    Empty translation speed73 m/min
    Load translation speed37 m/min
    Lifting time1,4 s
    Descent time1,4 s
    Acceleration1,4 s
    Deceleration1,4 s
    Battery power supplyLithium Ion, 48V, 32Ah
    Battery autonomy at ambient temperature8/10 hours
    Control modeWI-FI
    100% charging time4 hours
    Battery life> 5 years
    Motor typeDC Brushless
    Noise level< 60 dB (A)
    Protection gradeIP65
    Machine paintingRal 7016/3020