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    Automatic Warehouses


    The Compact Automatic Warehouses represent the frontier of innovation in the field of industrial storage, offering a semi-automatic solution for space optimization and efficient management of heavy and bulky loads. These systems, designed by MPS Engineering, stand out for their ability to maximize available warehouse space while ensuring ease of access and safety for operators.

    Space Optimization

    Thanks to their compactable configuration, Compact Automatic Warehouses allow for space savings of up to 40% compared to traditional storage solutions. This innovative system increases storage capacity by over 80%, intelligently optimizing the use of available space.

    Flexibility and Safety

    Adaptable to various types of loads, including pallets, long bodies, coils, baskets, and rolls, these warehouses are ideal for a wide range of applications, from pallet storage for medium-low turnover products to storage in refrigerated environments, down to -40°C. Safety is ensured by photoelectric barriers and immediate stop systems in case of obstacle detection, protecting both goods and operators.

    Energy Efficiency

    The design of Compact Automatic Warehouses also aims to reduce energy costs, particularly relevant in refrigerated environments. Their structure allows for high resistance to seismic events, ensuring durability and system safety.


    The heart of the system consists of shelves mounted on mobile bases that slide on rails integrated into the floor. Operators can easily open and close access aisles to materials by pressing a button or using a remote control, facilitating retrieval or storage operations.

    Smart Management

    The management of Compact Automatic Warehouses is entrusted to ICON, a web-based software developed by MPS Engineering that ensures precision, efficiency, and profitability. This inventory management system is designed to meet the needs of major commercial and industrial sectors, offering flexibility in interfacing with leading ERP systems.


    • Significant increase in storage capacity while occupying the same surface area.
    • Reduction of energy costs and high accessibility and selectivity of materials.
    • Possibility of reusing existing shelving and expandability over time.

    MPS Engineering’s Compact Automatic Warehouses represent a cutting-edge solution for companies looking to optimize their warehouse spaces with a keen eye on safety, energy efficiency, and operational flexibility.