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    Vertical Automated Warehouses

    MaxVert Vertical Automated Warehouses represent an advanced solution for replacing traditional storage shelving used for small parts and components. These warehouses optimize space by primarily developing vertically and optimizing time.

    The requested material is delivered directly to the loading/unloading bay, offering the possibility to locate the necessary items, even when multiple items are on the same shelf, using a laser pointer. This solution reduces errors and establishes a direct connection with the company’s ERP system for accurate inventory management.

    In the vast landscape of storage systems, Vertical Automated Warehouses stand out as a cutting-edge solution, representing the pinnacle of innovation and efficiency.

    Designed to meet the growing demands for compact spaces and optimized resource management, the Slim Automated Warehouses embody the perfect blend of technology, flexibility, and performance.

    Storage Versatility
    Vertical Automatic Warehouses have been designed to accommodate a wide range of materials and products. Whether it’s loose parts, containers of various sizes, small items, or coils, these warehouses are ready to respond with efficiency and precision.

    Space Optimization
    With a compact depth of only 1.6 meters, Slim Vertical Automatic Warehouses offer various drawer sizes, ensuring unprecedented flexibility. Their dynamic load height management utilizes every available centimeter, eliminating unused spaces and maximizing storage capacity.

    Intuitive Interface
    The clear and user-friendly touch interface placed on the front of the machine makes interaction with Slim Vertical Automatic Warehouses extremely simple. Operators are guided step by step in picking and depositing operations, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free user experience.

    In respect of the environment, Slim Vertical Automatic Warehouses boast low energy consumption, equivalent to only 1.2 kW/h, positioning them as one of the most sustainable solutions on the market.

    Performance and Safety
    In addition to optimized storage capacity, these warehouses offer outstanding performance with a maximum picking speed of 190 picks per hour. The Lift technology ensures perfect load balance, guaranteeing safety and stability at all times.

    Accessories and Integration
    Vertical Automatic Warehouses can be customized with a wide range of accessories, including visual aids, access control systems, and modular solutions for each drawer. Their ability to integrate with major ERP systems ensures an integrated warehouse management coherent with business flows.

    Technical Details
    Vertical Automatic Warehouses are designed to ensure maximum efficiency in terms of space and management. With configurable heights ranging from 2,400 mm to 7,000 mm, these warehouses can adapt to various logistical needs. The total load capacity reaches 25,000 kg, with a capacity of 350 kg per single drawer, making them ideal for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.

    Vertical Automatic Warehouses represent a revolutionary solution in the world of automatic warehousing. Whether it’s growing companies with evolving storage needs or large industrial entities in search of efficiency and precision, Slim Vertical Automatic Warehouses are the answer.ontact us.