Employment sectors for AGV - AMR

The Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV - AMR) designed and manufactured by MPS Engineering are widely used in the following sectors:


for handling large industrial loads/molds in injection molding


for handling tanks and military vehicles in the Defense sector

Energy Production

for the transportation and handling of enormous turbines and heavy generators in the Energy Production sector.

Marine and Shipbuilding

for the handling and lifting of heavy loads in the Naval sector

Precast Concrete

Translation: for the transportation and handling of prefabricated elements in factories and construction sites in the Precast Concrete sector.


for the transportation of aircraft parts during the construction phases in the Aerospace sector.


for the handling of heavy loads, such as locomotives, carriages, trolleys, axles, engines, and other components in the Railway sector.

Steel Industry

Translation: for the transportation of coils, billets, or sheets made of various types of metals, as well as for the handling of slag or baskets used for loading scrap materials in the Steel Industry sector.

Wind Energy

for the transportation and handling of wind turbines and wind turbine blades

Oil & Gas

to manage logistics and transport of heavy loads on offshore platforms and floating units such as FPSO and FLNG; in these environments, saltwater, extreme weather conditions, ship movements, and hazardous working conditions create challenging conditions for all machinery and work procedures.

Power Transformers

for the movement and transportation of large power transformers (LPT); factors to consider include maneuvering in tight spaces, maximizing production efficiency, lifting without the use of overhead cranes, maneuvers both inside and outside the facility, and compliance with strict safety regulations.


for heavy loads in the steel industry and specifically in foundries, for a wide range of different applications; we are well aware of the extreme working conditions in which our vehicles need to operate in this sector.


for the implementation of projects for new plants under construction as well as for existing and operational nuclear power plants, as well as for the decommissioning of non-operational power plants.


Employment sectors