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    The new frontier of industrial automation by MPS Engineering.

    The MAXIMUM range of Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs) by MPS Engineering is designed to meet the specific needs of customers and the operational challenges of the industrial sector.

    The magnetic induction power technology is one of the distinctive features of the MAXIMUM range. This innovative system enables efficient charging of AGV vehicles without the need for physical connections or direct contacts, using magnetic fields. This provides greater operational flexibility and reduces downtime associated with recharging.

    The MAXIMUM range offers a range of benefits for industrial operators. The vehicles have a higher load capacity, ensuring efficient material handling within industrial environments. Additionally, these AGV vehicles provide increased autonomy and improved energy efficiency, contributing to optimizing material handling operations.

    The advanced navigation and safety features of the MAXIMUM range enable intelligent and secure operations management. The vehicles are equipped with precise and reliable navigation systems that allow them to move autonomously and safely within the working environment. Additionally, advanced safety systems are implemented to prevent collisions and ensure the protection of operators and other vehicles present on-site.

    With its magnetic induction power technology, higher load capacity, increased autonomy, energy efficiency, and advanced navigation and safety features, the MAXIMUM range provides innovative solutions to enhance industrial automation.

    Main features

    MAXIMUM AGV Systems model I - II - III
    Length5.000 mm - 7.500 mm
    Width1.800 mm - 2.300 mm
    Height500 mm - 650 mm
    Weight7.000 kg - 9.500 kg
    Payload capacity15.000 kg - 40.000 kg
    Maximum lowering height3 mm
    Heat treatmentThermal expansion
    Surface finishSandblasting and painting
    Power supply systemGel batteries - Lithium batteries - Induction
    Hydrogen cellsFuture upgrade
    Positioning accuracy+/- 5 mm
    Maximum translation speed at full load15 m/min
    Lifting stroke of tools150 mm - 200 mm