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    Advanced MGV for Heavy Asphalt Transportation

    Currently under development, the new series of MAXIMUM K automatic vehicles includes a range of MGV (Manual Guided Vehicle) models equipped with hydraulic drive.

    The vehicles in the MAXIMUM K series are specifically designed to operate on asphalt surfaces and offer significantly high load capacity. These vehicles are ideal for transporting large-sized materials, thanks to their robustness and superior performance.

    What makes the MAXIMUM K models particularly innovative is their ability to work in synchronization with an automatic materials handling system. This system enables precise and coordinated control of transportation operations, facilitating the efficient movement of large objects and improving overall productivity.

    Another strength of the MAXIMUM K vehicles is their power system. They are equipped with high-capacity lithium-ion battery packs, which provide extended autonomy and fast charging times. This allows for continuous usage and reduces downtime associated with battery recharging.

    The combination of hydraulic drive, high load capacity, automated material handling, and advanced power system makes the MAXIMUM K series an ideal choice for companies that need to transport and handle large objects efficiently and safely.

    Main features

    MAXIMUM AGV Systems model I - II - III
    Length5.000 mm - 7.500 mm
    Width1.800 mm - 2.300 mm
    Height500 mm - 650 mm
    Weight7.000 kg - 9.500 kg
    Payload capacity15.000 kg - 40.000 kg
    Maximum lowering height3 mm
    Heat treatmentThermal expansion
    Surface finishSandblasting and painting
    Power supply systemGel batteries - Lithium batteries - Induction
    Hydrogen cellsFuture upgrade
    Positioning accuracy+/- 5 mm
    Maximum translation speed at full load15 m/min
    Lifting stroke of tools150 mm - 200 mm