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    Automatic warehouse

    For food sector pallets (cold storage cell)

    We specialize in the creation of highly efficient warehouses for the management of standard UDCs, particularly EuroPallets. Our solution involves the use of stacker cranes equipped with bidirectional telescopic forks in single, double, and triple depth configurations, ensuring space optimization and increased storage capacity.

    Our warehouses are designed with standard-type racking systems that ensure maximum strength and safety for storing your products. These racks are ideal for accommodating loads on EuroPallets and provide easy accessibility for operators during handling operations.

    With our bidirectional telescopic fork-equipped stacker cranes, you have the flexibility to handle pallets positioned deep within the racking system, maximizing the use of available space. This allows for optimized storage capacity without compromising the efficiency of handling operations.

    Telescopic fork stacker crane for pallet handling

    We also offer consulting services for the design and optimization of your warehouse. Our experts will work with you to identify your specific needs and create a customized solution that maximizes efficiency, reduces costs, and optimizes workflow in your warehouse. By choosing our solution for standard UDC management, you can be confident in obtaining a well-organized warehouse with optimized storage capacity and superior operational efficiency.

    Stored ProductFood Products Pallet
    Stored Quantity280
    Maximum Dimensionsmm1.200 x 800 x h = 1.800
    Maximum Load Capacitykg1.000
    External dimensions, warehouse footprintmm40.000×10.000×5.000 (H)
    Total usable storage volumemc485
    Maximum dimensions°C-25
    Number of elevators2
    Maximum lifting capacity of the elevatorkg1.200
    Maximum longitudinal speed (X)m/min 24
    Transversal UDC handling speed (Y)m/min 15
    Maximum vertical axis speed (Z)m/min 20
    Maximum shuttle speedm/min 24