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    Customized UDC (Unit Load Carriers)

    Tailor-made logistics: Customized solutions for operational efficiency

    MPS Engineering, using the most advanced software, develops not only standard components but also offers customized solutions for UDC (Unit Load) to meet the specific needs of customers. Each customized UDC is designed and uniquely coded, ensuring immediate identification and seamless integration with the customer’s logistics system.

    Prior to loading into the warehouse, rigorous dimensional and weight checks are performed on customized items, ensuring compliance with the specified requirements. Additionally, automatic or manual barcode reading systems can be integrated to provide accurate verification of the customized items.

    Safety is a top priority even in the customized UDCs provided by MPS Engineering. The warehouses are designed in accordance with the highest safety standards, ensuring a safe working environment for operators and the protection of stored customized items.

    Thanks to MPS Engineering’s expertise and experience in the design and construction of customized UDCs, customers can rely on solutions tailored to their specific logistical needs. The main objective is to provide high-quality components that enhance efficiency and reliability in the customer’s warehouse operations for handling and storage.

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