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    Automatic warehouses

    self-supporting vertical tower storage warehouse

    MPS Engineering, specialized in the construction of turnkey automatic warehouses, offers customized solutions based on customers’ needs, taking into account the available space and the characteristics of the products to be stored.

    Our warehouses are equipped with advanced handling systems that include multiple stacking towers served by fixed elevators, vertical lifts, and automatic shuttles. The shuttles can operate on rails or industrial floors, and roller conveyors are also available for the transportation of load units (UDCs). The stacking towers are constructed with sturdy electro-welded and bolted steel profiles, and we use a hot-dip galvanizing process to protect their structure. Sliding guides are welded onto the warehouse columns, providing a secure accommodation for the UDCs.

    Externally, the warehouse is clad with sandwich panels that ensure proper thermal insulation. Pedestrian access points are equipped with alarms and secured with electro-locking systems to ensure safety and protection. Our warehouses offer the possibility to create a controlled environment in terms of temperature and humidity, allowing customers to store their products in optimal conditions.

    For the connection with the main building, we create a dedicated tunnel through which the UDC transport shuttle moves, ensuring an efficient and safe flow of goods between the warehouse and the production area.

    Automatic Guided Vehicle

    An automatic self-supporting warehouse with 2 stacking towers and a shuttle on the floor.

    Stored ProductCarboresin Molding Tools
    Quantity Stored30
    Maximum Dimensionsmm8.500 x 2.500 x h = 600
    Maximum Load Capacitykg5.000

    External dimensions, warehouse footprintmm12.000×10.000×16.000 (H)
    Total usable storage volumemc230
    Maximum dimensions°C18 ÷ 28

    Number of elevators1
    Maximum elevator capacitykg7.000
    Maximum longitudinal (X-axis) speedm/min N.A.
    Transverse (Y-axis) UDC handling speedm/min 15
    Maximum vertical (Z-axis) speedm/min 20
    Maximum shuttle speedm/min 20

    Automatic Guided Vehicle

    Self-supporting automated warehouse with 6 stacking towers and rail-guided shuttle

    Stored ProductForming tools
    Quantity stored160
    Maximum dimensionsmm5.000 x 1.500 x h = 500
    Maximum load capacitykg1.200
    External dimensions, warehouse footprintmm22.000×7.000×20.000 (H)
    Total usable storage volumemc378
    Storage temperature°C18 ÷ 28
    Number of elevators1
    Maximum elevator capacitykg2.000
    Maximum longitudinal speed (X-axis)m/min 24
    Maximum transversal speed of UDC (Y-axis)m/min 15
    Maximum vertical axis speed (Z-axis)m/min 32
    Maximum shuttle speedm/min 24