13 Jan 2024

The Logimat Fair 2024, which will be held in Stuttgart from March 19 to 21, reaffirms its status as a crucial event for the logistics and intralogistics sector, representing a meeting point for the most significant market innovations. This year, MPS Engineering is honored to participate in this prestigious event, presenting its range of Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs) from the MAXIMUM series, a cutting-edge solution for industrial automation.

Innovation and Technology: The MAXIMUM AGV Vehicles by MPS Engineering
The MAXIMUM range from MPS Engineering stands out for its ability to specifically meet the needs and operational challenges of the industrial sector. A key element of this series is the magnetic induction power technology, which allows for efficient, contactless charging using magnetic fields. This system not only increases operational flexibility but also reduces downtime associated with charging.

Load Capacity and Autonomy: Maximizing Efficiency
The MAXIMUM AGV vehicles are distinguished by their high load capacity, essential for the efficient movement of materials in industrial environments. These vehicles also offer greater autonomy and superior energy efficiency, contributing to the optimization of handling operations and reducing environmental impact.

Navigation and Safety: Towards a Safer and Smarter Future
The MAXIMUM series is equipped with advanced navigation features and safety systems. The vehicles are fitted with precise and reliable navigation systems, allowing them to move autonomously and safely within work environments. Moreover, the advanced safety systems implemented in the MAXIMUM AGV vehicles are designed to prevent collisions and ensure the protection of operators and other equipment on site.

A Step Forward in Industrial Automation
With its participation in the Logimat Fair, MPS Engineering demonstrates its commitment to innovation and the development of cutting-edge solutions for industrial automation. The MAXIMUM AGV vehicle range represents a significant step towards a more efficient, safe, and sustainable future in the logistics and intralogistics sector. We invite all fair participants to visit our stand to discover firsthand the potential and innovations that our MAXIMUM AGV vehicles can offer.

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