06 Nov 2023

The Logistics & Automation Madrid fair, now in its twelfth edition, confirms itself as the point of reference for the logistics sector in Spain. On November 29 and 30, 2023, industry professionals will have the opportunity to discover the most innovative solutions in the field of logistics, supply chain management, automation and operations. This biennial event attracts managers and specialists seeking cutting-edge products to optimize their supply chains, offering a comprehensive panorama ranging from warehousing and equipment, to robotics, warehouse automation, traceability, software services and ancillary industry.

This year, the show promises to be the largest edition yet, with over 200 brands represented, live tours, networking activities, awards ceremonies and five conference rooms dedicated to industry themes and trends. An unmissable opportunity for professionals who wish to improve the efficiency of their supply chain and seek innovative solutions.

In the context of this global event, MPS Engineering stands out by presenting its flagship product: the AGV Maximum III. This self-driving vehicle represents the pinnacle of the MAXIMUM range, designed to respond to specific customer needs and operational challenges in the industrial sector. The AGV Maximum III uses magnetic induction power technology, which allows for efficient charging without the need for physical connections, ensuring greater operational flexibility and reducing downtime.

AGV Maximum III vehicles offer superior load capacity, essential for the efficient handling of materials in industrial environments, and stand out for their autonomy and energy efficiency, helping to optimize handling operations. Equipped with advanced navigation and safety features, these vehicles guarantee intelligent and safe management of operations, with precise and reliable navigation systems and advanced safety systems to prevent collisions and ensure the protection of operators.

The AGV Maximum III by MPS Engineering is therefore proposed as an innovative solution to improve industrial automation, offering a significant contribution to the technological progress of the sector.

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