16 Dec 2023

In the rapidly evolving world of industrial automation, MPS Engineering stands out for its innovation and efficiency in controlling Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs). The heart of this advanced technology is the Numerical Control (NC), a sophisticated system that ensures precision and reliability in AGV operations.

The NC is designed to manage and direct the trajectories of AGVs, ensuring that each movement is executed with utmost precision. This system is fundamental for the proper functioning of AGVs, especially in complex environments where precise navigation between different points, such as machining stations and rest stops, is required.

Management and Interpolation System
The AGV management system of MPS Engineering is an example of cutting-edge engineering. It acquires position signals from an inertial control system and magnetic sensors. In case of deviations from the planned trajectory, the system intervenes quickly, performing interpolations and providing corrections to the NC to bring the AGV back on the correct course.

Communication and Control
Communication between the AGV and the central unit occurs through an advanced half-duplex radio modem system, ensuring fast and reliable data transmissions. Additionally, manual control of the AGV is possible through a hand-held push-button panel, allowing operators to intervene directly when necessary.

Power Supply and Autonomy
MPS Engineering’s AGVs are powered by traction battery packs, designed to ensure continuous and efficient operation. With the ability to operate up to 5 hours on fully charged batteries, the AGVs can autonomously connect to the charging system, optimizing working times and reducing downtime.

Advanced Cart Detection
The cart position detection system uses solid-state gyroscope technology, complemented by a magnetic detection system. This combination ensures precise and reliable detection of the AGV’s position, essential for accurate navigation along the programmed trajectories.

MPS Engineering’s innovative approach to AGV control represents a qualitative leap in industrial automation. With an advanced control system, efficient communication, and precise detection, MPS Engineering’s AGVs are an ideal solution for companies looking to optimize their operations with cutting-edge technology. This technology not only increases efficiency and precision but also ensures greater safety and reliability in daily operations.

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